Philips HUE Devices not answering

Fab shared this thanks 4 weeks ago

I have a weird problem with my HUE system connected through the HUE bridge that is connected to my ZipaTile through IP. Some of the lamps simply does not answer to scene and individual lamp changes on my Zipatile. Often I need to run the scene 3-4 times before all my HUE lamps are set to the preferred light setting.

Anyone else having this problem? Any advice win how to fix this annoying issue?

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It is a known issue and its due the lag on the IP control, appears to be that Zipato sends commands for individual devices, not groups, and it does it too fast for the comm delay and Hue Bridge to process. Please attached guide to control Phillips Hue through HTTP commands (way more effective to trigger Hue scenes or group commands), this is how I solved the problem.