Controller Backup

Dominik Klepac shared this announcement 1 week ago

Hi all,

The Controller Backup is released, and now you can store (save) the current image of your controller. Also the backup and restore from one controller to another will be released soon, but it is still under development and testing.


1) First make sure that you have got a valid PRO License and that you upgraded everything via the Web UI

2) Open Controller settings

3) At the bottom of Controller settings you will see the Controller Backup option

4) Here's the options that are available for backup:

- Create backup: this option creates a backup of your controller

- Select backup file is an option that shows all your backups

- Details: shows a description of your backup

- Restore backup: is an option for restoring a selected backup

5) To create a backup press the Create backup button

6) Add a description to your backup, afterwards press SAVE and confirm

7) Wait for about 10 to 15 minutes to assure that the backup is done, depends on the number of the devices saved on your controller

8) Synchronize


9) To restore the backup, select the desired one from the drop down menu

10) After you've selected the desired backup, click on the RESTORE BACKUP button

11) Your controller will reboot, and your backup will be restored

12) Synchronize your controller afterwards


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Good news Zipato, the most expected feature finally arrived!! I still think you should consider a backup scheme for non-PRO users... fortunatelly I'm PRO and can backup all my rules and devices (over 126 devices and 135 rules in just one of my three processors) so thank you!