Upgrade offer for Zipabox1 and Zipatile1

Sebastian Popovic shared this announcement 2 years ago

Dear users of Zipabox1 and Zipatile1,

as you may know, we have launched Zipabox2 and Zipatile2 last year already. Both Zipabox2 and ZIpatile2 are way more advanced products comparing to their predecessors. Not only in terms of technical specification and overall design, but also in term of compatibility with our new Zipato v3 platform.

New Zipato v3 platform is launched at the beginning of this year, after 2 years of initial development and it is now our primary focus from both development and maintenance perspective. Although the old Zipato v2 platform will stay active, we highly recommend using Zipato v3 in case you expect any further upgrades/updates or technical support from our side.

Since we are aware that buying new Zipabox2 and Zipatile2 is easier for new users which didn't buy previous models before, we decided to provide a special Replacement Discount for Zipabox1 and Zipatile2 users when buying Zipabox2 and Zipatile2:

  • 50% discount for Zipabox2 when sending back Zipabox1**
  • 50% discount for Zipatile2 when sending back ZIpatile1

** Same discount applies to Zigbee and 433 expansion modules which will be necessary to replace Zipabox1 models with those radio modules built inside. However, all Zipabox expansion modules are compatible with both Zipabox1 and Zipabox2

If you are interested in this special offer, please contact our support team by opening a support ticket with your request.

Thank you for your support and stay tuned for more news from Zipato soon.

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