Firmware Version 0.9.999.3

- Sia: added support
- General: fixed blocking of synchronize on frozen configuration download
- General: fixed blocking of connection to server through proxy
- General: fixed setting of box time if NTP servers aren't reachable
- General: adjusted timestamps of events collected on the box before setting the correct time
- Alarm: fixed tripping by siren's tamper switch
- IP Camera: fixed non-discovery of Upnp devices using chunked transfer encoding
- IP Camera: camera configuration now applied after first sync
- IP camera: sending device status update after discovery
- IP camera: sending update if camera changed IP address without going offline
- IP camera: delay sending discovery complete message to server until all discovered devices are commited
- IP Camera: ONVIF cameras sometimes not recognized
- IP Camera: camera configuration automatically applied after sync
- Groups: fixed problems with setting attributes and running actions on groups from Rule Creator
- Groups: API v2 compatibility fix
- Thermostat: fixed support for multiple inputs on thermostat
- Weather: API v2 compatibility fix
- Scenes: invoking troubled devices last
- RF433: support for Oregon Scientific THGR328N
- P1: support for Landis+Gyr E350 DSMR2.2+
- Z-Wave: Z-Wave+ fixes
- ARW: ignoring 0x03 packets from PIR
- ARW: added support for toggle on remotes
- ARW: fixed threading issues on discovery
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