Firmware Version 0.9.999.4

- General: fix for defunct/deleted devices consuming resources
- General: added MTU config
- General: API 2v speedup
- IP Camera: zoomIn/zoomOut fixed
- IP Camera: improved detection of Foscam cameras
- ARW: network renamed to ARW
- ARW: fixed battery status reports
- Z-Wave: Z-Wave+ fixes
- Z-Wave: introduce Notifications cluster for sensors with multiple discrete states
- Z-Wave: fixed threading issues
- Z-Wave: lower thermostat setpoint precision to increase compatibility
- Z-Wave: added workaround for Qubino thermostat modes
- Z-Wave: ignore consecutive WUN's received within a certain timeframe
- Z-Wave: do not blindly send TAMPER ON when state is false
- Z-Wave: do not set onlineState of keyfobs
- Alarm: added support for silent/disabled tamper
- RF433: added support for nexa: NEYC-3, LMLR-710, WRR-1, ECMR-250, PBR-2300, LGDR-3500, EYCR-250 MLR-1105, TMT-918
- UPB: support for PulseWorx PIM-U, LM4-1m, WSD1DL-6W

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