Firmware Version 0.9.999


- General: changed LED pattern

- General: added UPNP discovery for cameras

- Alarm: added attributes arming and disarming to partition - these are set to true when exit/entry delay is active

- Thermostat: thermostat can be configured to be disabled when created

- Z-Wave: added Z=Wave plus compatibility

- Z-Wave: support for pending values - see values waiting for sleeping devices to wake-up

- EnOcean: added support for EnOcean

- Modbus: added support for Modbus

- Zigbee: added support for ZLL lamps (Osram fully supported)

- added support for Power, Security and P1 modules


- General: fixed memory leak caused by attributes from deleted devices

- General: fixed various issues with local mode API calls

- Alarm: fixed false alarm when sensor in arm mode ANY recovers from offline state

- Alarm: fixed entry/exit started event triggering email/SMS/call

- Alarm: fixed panic alarm always audible

- Alarm: disabled LED indications for mobility partitions<

- Thermostat: fixed rounding errors with conversion between Celsius and Fahrenheit

- Thermostat: fixes for using the same Z-wave THERMOSTAT_SETPOINT as input and output

- Thermostat: added sanity check for input values

- Thermostat: fixed running without thermometer input - only set points work

- RTSP Proxy: fixed crash caused by bandwidth too low

- Rules - fixed Basic Authentication problems for HTTP client

- Paradox: fixed recognizing Arm/Disarm special events

- Z-wave: fixed random deadlock issues

- IP camera - recheck net/mask before scan for cameras

- IP camera - aborting scans of large network

- Backup module - faster event processing

- Backup module - increased temperature precision

- Backup module - added adjusting shock sensitivity (delete device and Synchronize to apply changes)

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