Virtual thermostat - configuration settings


- Virtual thermostat


Configure Thermostat by its Scheduler, Devices, Modes and Configuration:

1 - Scheduler:

- Scheduler defines active Thermostat Modes during every weekday and holiday:

- to change Scheduler either click on scheduler bar or click Add icon at the lower right corner

2 - Devices:

- add or remove Thermostat device(s):

2A. Select Thermostat devices option

2B - to add new deivce click on Add "+" icon and select thermostat device from the list:

2C - to remove already added device, click on Delete icon

- If thermostat device is selected, Thermometer is defined by default and assigned to the selected Thermostat device(s).

3 - Modes:

- click on each Mode and define its heating/ cooling setpoints

- to confirm changes, clisk on Save icon

- to reset Modes to the defualt values click on icon at the upper left corner and confirm by Change button

4 - Configuration:

- define the following parameters:

- Temperature step - temperature step of termometer data
- Stage difference (if supported by Thermostat device) - diference at each stage (up to 3 heating and 2 cooling satges)

- Hysteresis - up to 2 degC

- Minimum/ Maximum setpoint - min/ max limits of the setpoint wheel

- Setpoint step - step of the setpoint wheel

- Difference between heat/cool - diiference in deg between heating and cooling setpoint

- Compressor protection delay (if supported by Thermostat device) - delay in seconds in starting compressors when changing between heating/ cooling modes

- O/B relay logic reverse (if supported by Thermostat device) - O/B terminals for heat pump systems and is used for the reversing valve. By default: O/B off for cooling

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