Firmware Version 0.9.97

Upgrade of Kernel was a bit more demanding and it took more time. Some bug fixes were longer waited because of this. Sorry for that.


- upgraded Linux kernel

- KNX network

- Z-Wave - added support for Door Locking, User Code command classes

- attributes and variables in HTTP requests and messages (to be supported on web)


- General - reboot was sometimes required after deleting some virtual devices, scenes, bindings

- Bindings - fixed bindings loop problem

- Z-Wave - devices sent to sleep during discovery

- Thermostat - check state of actuators every ten minutes

- IP - networking now restarts on Ethernet media events

- IP - networking now restarts if no connection to server in 5 minutes

- IP - quicker detection of offline IP devices

- Z-Wave - security

- Z-Wave - discovery is successful if device is included in the network

- 3G backup fixes

Upgrade process could last a bit longer (up to 10-15 minutes depends of the Internet connection speed, so be patient.


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