Alexa V3 skill functionality

Janne Montonen shared this question 13 days ago
Need Answer


I have question to Alexa V3 users.

Are you able to control your devices without problems?

I have zigbee devices (Ikea and Osram ligths) that appear on Alexa but they don't work properly.

-Brightness slider works partly, it won't go to 0%

-After command light reacts but Alexa tells that there was a problem.

- If the light is controlled via Alexa app it will only turn ON, it won't turn OFF. There is a notification that there was a problem, see attached pic.

- If the light has white colour temperature or RGB control it can't be controlled via Alexa, no with voice command or Alexa app.

I have ticket open, but Zipato is not very helpful on this issue so I try to reach out to community.

Regards Janne