Transfer current V2 environmen to V3

Tuomas Levoniemi shared this question 4 months ago
Need Answer

I thought of converting V2 to V3 according to the following model.

What is needed ?

  1. Get Zipabox 2 (city house) and Zimini summer house.
  2. Get Cluster lisence (Zipato www- shop)
  3. City > Install Zipabox 2 (+power on)
  4. Follow the instructions > Zipato V3 platform - migration from V2 to V3
  5. Summer house > Remove Zipamicro and install new Zipamini and add devices and create rules again.

Does the plan seem competent?

Attention !! > Does the new Zipaboxi V2 need a separate Z-wave module in this environment. (The old Zipabox has a built-in Z-wave module)


Tuomas Levoniemi

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... or Zipabox2 also for a summer home.


thanks for the awesome information.


"All virtual devices, scenes, and rules have to be recreated (transfer of virtual elements from v2 to v3 is not possible)"

Wow, impressive stuff there. Well done.

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