How to show/display Device endpoint values into Zipatile2

SoTof shared this question 3 months ago
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I acquired a Qubino Energy Meter, the device is properly seen. As shown below the device, we can see 4 Device Endpoints and I'm now trying to get data from it :)

I followed :


I'm trying to add them to "Garage" room from/in Zipato apps (IOS here) but I don't see these devices endpoint :


Anyone who could help/assist/provide guidance will be much appreciated


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No documentation available apparently and from a technical point of view the data collected is there visible from "Events" but looking for guidance/help how to display from Dashboard (sounds like a pointer/connection to the right end points)

Can someone assist please ? .. Any help would be much appreciated




Hello SoTof,

Login to

Open devicemanager and search for youre device. if you click on it will show youre device capabilities. Open for example meter 4 .

options will show for meter 4. Click on the settings wheel after it. try and select "show as device".

Otherwise open a ticket, an zipato agent posibly can do this for you or explain it here so it would help others.


@Patrick Piening, Thank you for your guidance.

FYI this is where is the issue since all 4 Devices have "Show as device" ticked enabled but only one shows up from the list. There is a support ticket open and I believe it has been escalated since I received an email notification to hold on until next update


Aha oke, well wait for the next update will be my choice.

No thanks, I would like to receive some help when I need it.

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