Help with setting Month name as variable and comparing to 'Now' and month

Balázs shared this idea 4 months ago
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Hi All,

I would like to bypass the missing weather API key problem (I could not find a single working one). I would need to see the sunset time to cover the below scenario:

1. Entry door opens

2. Zipato checks if current time is 30 minutes before sunset

3. Light is turned on in the entry area

I was thinking that on a monthly basis I can get the average sunset times and use that as a period start to switch on the lamp (defined for all 12 months individually as part of a multi If statement). However when I was trying to indicate the month, the rule was invalid (I'm not sure if it should be string, number, which string format? Could not find anything on this...). Has somebody tried this, or could there be an alternate solution? With API this appears to be a simple one, without it I'm not sure...

Thank you!

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I've managed to add the month, now I just need to add the remaining 11...


I've managed to solve this via the attached approach. You just need to set the time of sunset to your time zone and calendar.

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