Ctronics Camera no stream accepted working streams in vlc

Alwin shared this idea 7 months ago
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i´m using an ctronics camera Model: 380C-4MP (C6F0SoZ0N0PfL2 )

In VLC I can see the rtsp stream by using this URL: rtsp://ip-adress:554/ or this URL: rtsp://usrname:passwd@ip-adress:554/11 both are workin perfect in VLC.

When i copy this URL in the camera settings i get an failed to load stream data.

In the admin section i entered admin and passwd. No change!

The same with onvif..... took this URL: http://ip-adress:8080/onvif/device_service (works perfect in ispy) but not in zipato...

Whats wrong with that?


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