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The Square Cash mobile payment service allows users to transfer money with the help of a mobile app. It is popularly known as Cashapp. As per the report of 2018, it has recorded 7 million active users. Cashapp provides people with a feature to transfer payments through a unique username, also known as $cashtag. The service now supports bitcoin trading as well.

How to Activate Cash App Card

The Cash Card is similar to a debit card that can be accepted anywhere. You can even make ATM transfers with the help of a Cash Card.

Now, when we are aware of the importance of a Cash card. We will discuss the steps to get and activate cash app card.

Get your Cash App Card

To get a Cash Card, you need to first Signup to the Cashapp. It does not charge any fees to request your cash app card. It will help if you are above 18 to apply for a cash card. Apply for your cash card in the given order.

•Login to your Cash app account

•Tap the Cashcard tab present on the home screen.

•Click on Get Cash Card

•Click Continue

•Add on all the required information

•Choose your unique $cashtag here.

•You can customize your card as per your wish.

•After completing the whole process and linking the Cashapp with your bank account, you are ready to receive a card. Your cash card will arrive within ten business days.

Activate Cash App Card

You can activate your Cash App Card in simple and easy steps. It can be done both with and without a QR card.

Activate Cash App Card Through QR Code

Activate your Cash card through QR code by following the given steps-

•Jump into your Cashapp account.

•Select Settings tap and find the Cash Card option.

•Next, you will see the Activate Cash Card option on the screen.

•Allow Cashapp to use the mobile camera.

•Put the camera 4-5 inches away from the QR code.

•Your card is activated after completing the QR scanning process.

Activate Cash App Card Without QR Code

Your Cash Card can also be activated without using a QR Code. You require your CVV and the expiry date written on your cash card’s backside for the same. The process is summed up in given points-

•Select Activate Cash Card Tab in your Cashapp login.

•Click on the Help button.

•Now click on Use CVV instead.

•Enter the CVV code and expiry date of your card

•Complete the card identification process, and your card will be activated.

Uses of Cash App Card

Cash App card offers the following features-

•Cash App Card works like a debit card.

•It is accepted everywhere you want to make a payment.

•The CashCard is also accepted at the gas stations.

•This money can also be used to send money through ATM.

•The soft copy of the Cashapp Card can also be procured through the Cash App.

Download Cash App Card

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•App Store


There is no doubt that the Cash App and Cashapp card popularity is rising day by day. The services it offers are much better than any other P2P transfer apps. Availability of a card in a money transfer app is the most distinctive feature provided by Cashapp. You can also customize your Cashapp card. Activating your Cashapp card is also a cakewalk. It can be done by following simple steps. The menu reaches you within ten business days. It can be used anywhere where payments are to be made.

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