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Add IP Cam that it has only mjpeg (no rtsp), how??????

Alfredo De Felice shared this question 9 years ago
Need Answer

I bought on ebay and I would like to insert as an ip camera in zipabox. Unfortunately, the camera does not show it any brand features. However, it works fine, but I think it does not support the RTSP protocol. I was able to connect to my network frist, then insert it into zipabox, but now I have the following problems:

1-I do not see the thumbnail

2-I tried to configure the camera to FTP with the credentials that are provided in the configuration screen of the camera, but it seems that the server is down.

3-The camera works with the flow mjpg, so I can see the video from dshboard, but not ios app that requires configuration in rtsp. How can I fix? I can see how the flow mjpg on ios 2.4 app? thanks

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have you an issue for this problem ??

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