ALDI Smart lights (Tint / Müller Licht)

Markus Adrario shared this thanks 4 months ago

On Jan 28th ALDI Süd in Germany is selling Zigbee Lights and a remote control:

It seems these belong to the "Tint" System from "Müller Licht":

The specs do only say Zigbee 3.0, but the compatibility with Hue and Lightify let me think it might be LightLink

Has anyone tried to use these with the Zipabox?

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I added a E14 Lamp today, I can u it with my Zipatile....but only ON/ Dimming and no White Color Change....

Support can add the Lamp, but not for free....will cost about 60-120 Euro to get an ZigBee Engineer to add the Lamps....

regards Helle