Alexa skill development

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boberdoo has been building software, custom systems, applications and more since 2001. While our core business revolves around our lead and call distribution software, we have continued to expand our product and service offering over the past few years. We are extremely excited about the opportunities that smart speakers and voice technology present and are even more pleased to be at the forefront of Amazon Alexa skill development. If you are in need of a mobile app or Alexa Skill Developer, please feel free to reach out. Fill out the form below or give us a call at 800-776-5646.

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I for one certainly hope Zipato take you up on this offer, but I sincerely doubt it. Currently dimmers or level controllers and thermostats can not be turned off, only set to 0/100, there are no open/close lock/unlock commands.

Now if only there was an IOS developer to update the IOS app...........................

Oh and a way for users to develop custom devices or addons, maybe a software developer tool that users could purchase then create custom devices and submit them to Zipato. Wait that sound every other Hub controller on the market.

Zipato really needs some AV integration, not simple IR control. I mean how do you differentiate between volume and channel up control on an IOS device?


In Italy we are many waiting for skill Zipato in Italian, if you could .....