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I am configuring a security alarm device. I would like to have a visible LED or output to indicate if the arming of "Intruder" is possible or not.

Is there any way to do it?

I found that the only feedback to the user that has forgotten a "window open" is on the log of events where is reported a generic information "Arming of .... failed". Nothing about the code of the sensor that is not ready. If we have 15 doors and windows this becomes a problem. It doesn't seems realistic to make a "Rule" with 15 sensors. The best solution, under my point of view, wold be to add the state "NON READY" to "sensor" of Roule creator into "Intruder" alarm Device.

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Well, i dont think it is possible. You should be doing a workaround where you ignore the door sensors if they are open by using bypass allowed and remove bypass or by allowing the door sensors state to be in ANY when arming the system.

At the end the motion sensors should be catching the intruder...