Backup service cost 29 USD per year ?

olivier34 shared this question 18 months ago
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I would like to do a Backup of my Zipato configuration and I see there is a "Backup service" option in the "Store" BUT....

It seems like I have to pay 29 USD PER YEAR to be in a position to do a backup (!)

Do I understand it right ? do we really have to pay 29 USD Each Year to be in a position to Backup the Zipato configurations ? Any other options to create backups ?

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Yes, i know its crazy. A one off fee would be better and at a more realistic price, but in all honesty a backup service should be free.

Zipato should be providing a solution to give customers peace of mind, not reaping a financial benefit from them because they want to be safe and have the option of reverting back to a safe operating mode of their controller due to a dodgy firmware upgrade or they wish to migrate to a new controller they just purchased from Zipato. Oh and that would cost 2 backup services, 1 for the old controller to backup and one for the new controller to restore to.


ok, thanks for the confirmation. I totally concur that backup should be Free !

This service pricing model sounds completely crazy. Zipato is killing itself with such a strategy ! Undoubtly

1. backup is a "basic" function for all serious software solution and it is included in the initial price you pay.

2. I do not see ANY technical reason to justify such a pricy option (29 Euros per Year !!!). I wonder what is the size of back-up files and the compute power a backup requires to justify such a cost !

3. Backup should be free, that is all

4. You raise a good point on doggy firmware : I am a very early user of Zipato, and I have seen users loosing configurations because of firmware upgrades. I even experienced it myself : after a firmware upgrade, all my fibaro modules configurations were lost (reset of all fibrao modules !!! I had to manually rebuild all configurations and rules... (at that time no backup service existed...).

5. if changing a zipato controller means an additional cost of 2x29Euros, this is absolutely crazy !!!

Thanks again for your reply.

Zipato strategy is creating a BIG UNSATISFACTION about their solution on my side


For me it is a matter of principle: As an early customer I went thru the pain of a non-working product with (not even yet) basic functionality and no documentation. I was building and trusting that it will become better over time. Charging for basic functionality is not acceptable to me. (I burned more time and as such money by not having a fair documentation and working around bugs...).

When asking Zipato for their view on this I got this reply: "Our only revenue stream is through selling various upgrades of Zipato system. We expect from our loyal users to recognize our work by buying these upgrades and updates. If not, then our work doesn't make sense.Thank you for understanding."

Well, 'expecting the loyal users to buy' is a quite unique view and dicounting the fact that we paid already for the device/software in the first place is hopefully just a communication mistake.

Those things lead to unhappy users/customers that will move to a different product when they see fit. Nothing that a company should shoot for.


I can see Zipato's point of wanting a revenue stream from their customer base; that is why many of the home automation providers have monthly subscription fees and I applaud Zipato for refraining from forcing users to pay fees just to use the device they bought. I purchased several Zipato products years ago while it was still in beta, but have not bought anything from them since because promised features I need have not been released and the system is too unstable. I am an expense for them right now because I consume their web services daily.

That being said, backup is a critical feature for a system like this. As disappointed as I am in the lack of responsiveness and lack of new features (that have been promised for years), I have not moved off the platform because of the MANY hours I have spend configuring and tweaking my system to work. Storing backups on Zipato's servers is minuscule, but it still costs them something; however, it is unconscionable that they to not offer a local backup for free where we would be responsible for the maintenance of the backup or our own storage.

If and when the time comes that my system fails and I do not have a backup due to unreasonable fees, I will move to a different system.


I will not pay for backup, especially when there is no updates to software/firmware. It might be worth it if we would see some sort of development and the product where out of "beta" stage.

One big problem is when you go to store and buy the device, there is no information at all about this. I bet many customers just go to store and buy the product without investigating and end up like me frustrated. I cant find any information on website either, wich mean you need to look through user posts the forum to get information.

I was waiting for Zipatile2, but now im basiclly waiting for my zipabox to fail so i can go buy another brand controller. I cant see any reason right now why i should continue with Zipato when you see how other brand develop their systems.

Its not a good way to build long time relationsships with customers.


I think backup service should be free, just like in other brands.

I could accept to pay 29USD for an unlimited backup service. Or even for a number of copies wich I could restore anytime. But 29USD per year is absolutely unacceptable.

If you want to get a good service with Zipato, you have to spend at least 130USD extra. This amount added to the controller price makes Zipato much more expensive than other brands, even Premium Brands.

If I want to confige more or less the same I had in my VeraLite, now I have to buy the ProBundle(99USD) and the Back-up service each year (29USD ¡¡PER YEAR!!). Or at least the Smart alarm Pro (59USD) plus Rule Creator Pro (another 39USD, just for having a few basic functions like "ELSE" or "REPEAT").

If I knew all these before, I had never changed to Zipato. I was much more happy with the service of my old VeraLite. I could restore the system after any change, the customer service doesn't depend on how much money you pay, and yes a more simple and limited software, but without any functions kidnapped.

I think Zipato is not taking care of their clients, and they will pay for that.

I have to say, that I like how Zipabox works and all the possibilities it has.

But anyway I'm thinking about changing again to my old VeraLite. I don't trust in that way of doing, maybe in