Be careful with health care partition - Do not works

Simone Biagini shared this problem 9 months ago

Hi community.

As the subject say, be careful using health care partition: actually is not working as expected.

I opened a Ticket in August 2017 resolved with "We have found the issue, and the dev team is already working on it. The fix should be included in one of our next beta releases".

Some weeks ago I tested again the health care partition and.. not worked (they said it worked since the previous fix).

I opened a ticket -again- resolved with "This issue is forwarded to our developers and will be fixed as soon as possible. Please note that currently most of our resources are focused on releasing completely new applications. Thank you for understanding."

I just waited 45days and I reopened the ticket. Ticket reply: "Hi, Issue has been forwarded. There is no deadline - like I have said, it will be fixed as soon as possible."

No, I can not understand. I can not understand that an advertised feature (additionally is an health care focused feature) is not working and this isn't stated anywhere.

So I write it here: Be careful, make a test, more than one, because probably it do not works.. and take it in mind.. because no one know if and when it will be fixed. (as often happen with zipato)

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Someone used health care partition between end of 2017 and first months of 2019?


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As you have stated that the health care partition actually is not working. So there must be any bug that needs to be fixed. There are some agencies who do research on various topics and I suggest you pay someone to write my essay UK to get the appropriate solution by consulting them about your issue.