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box hangs after synchronizing rules - have to reboot

acteck shared this problem 3 years ago

With FW .8x4 I have a issue. After synchronizing rules (mostly after 2 or 3 syncs) box gets very slow and stops working. Only solution for this state is to unplug the box, wait some seconds and afterwards the box reboots and everything works fine again. Also the new or changed rules. If I do not "touch" the box for any sync of rules or adding new devices it runs for days without any issue. But changing anything makes trouble and I have to reboot.

Does anybody else see this issue? Is this still the failure with IP-devices?

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Yes i think this error depends on IP Devices. Just try to delete the IP Devices, sync and reboot.

regards Helle


If you notice that your Zipabox is getting slower, you should open ticket at, and we will take a look at your problem.