Device manager shows problems detected

Anders Sandberg shared this thanks 20 months ago


I have a shchedule rule activating the z-wave switch (TKB Home plug in on off receiver TZ68G) for my cofee machine. This morning i notice that it was not activiated according to the schedule.

I installed the switch some weeks ago and it has been working fine until now.

The switch has a yellow dot in the device manager with the text "trouble".

Is there any way to get some more data regarding this error state?



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Any support here? I just experienced the same problem tonight on one of my switches.



I have the same problems, how do i fix it?


I have experienced the same problem from time to time with different devices. Mostly the problem has beem solved by it some magic way. Other times I´ve had to exclude and re-include the the device.

I find this error-reporting feature a weaknes of the Zipato software. I is not informative at all and just frustrating. It should contain some more information about the cause and possible solutions.