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I have a doorbird a zipatile and a zipabox I would like to setup my zipatile to be able to get my ring on the zipatile when somebody ring or a movement is detected and automatically open the app and show on screen is it possible?

I would like also to setup the sip between zipatile and the doorbird how to do it ?

thanks in advance

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no body know ? of popup the doorbird app when sombody in calling ? or a movement is detected by the doorbird ?


Hi. You dont need SIP. Basically on the web UI you should go to the doorbird device settings and ensure that the bell press action "OPEN APP" is selected. You should also go to the camera settings and insert your login details. At least for me when integrating doorbird, I had to add the login details to the camera settings anyway.

You should then install the doorbird app on zipatile and insert user.

It should work.


yes attila is correct. This is how you need to set it up.

Just remember if using the auto open feature on the app, you need to set the doorbird app to operate in LOCAL LAN mode ONLY. Otherwise the app operates via the Doorbird cloud servers and will have priority over any other device that will need to connect to the Doorbird. 1st app that connects has right of usage. Zipatile will connect 1st if opened automatically then you cant connect via your mobile if you are remote to your network. But if you set the Doorbird app to LAN mode, then it can be over ridden by another device using the remote/cloud connection.

For SIP functionality, you would need to know how to set up a sip server on both Zipatile and Doorbird app. Personally I would suggest not using the Zipato SIP server. It is very unreliable from our experience.


You do not need SIP function for this Zipato can automatically open the app after Doorbell has been pushed.

Setup Local LAN mode in the doorbel app, and setup Doorbell Action: Open_APP under Device manager->IP->Doorbell->Configuration

They forgot to mention that in the YouTube video :(