Eurotronic Spirit Zwave - External temperature setting and value

Simone Biagini shared this problem 11 months ago


I'm trying to get my TRV valve working with an external temperature, because I need the valve to work with an average temperature instead his temperature.

According the device manuale, this is possibile, by setting parameter number 8 to value 128 and associating it to a temperature sensor that send multilevel messages.. and seems that my fibaro motion sensor is able to do it.

I'm unable to get it working.

1st issue: setting parameter to 128 works, retrieving it I obtain the value "-128" that is wrong so I suspect that sending 128 in fact send a -128 to the valve.. this is not the expected value and this could be the reason of failing external tempereture reading. If I send 5, I retrieve 5.. If I send 20 or 40 and so on, I retrieve the same values. If I send 128, I retrive -128.

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Anyway, I'm trying to send temperatures to the valve, hoping in a simple gui bug (..)

Using the virtual thermostat pro value (average temperature values between more than one sensor) but seems not possibile to associate it to the valve in the needed way.

Also I tested an association with fibaro motion but seems not working too.

Using rules seems not working too.


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A little update about the negative value.

This happen also for other devices with param size=1 (byte).

The byte size go from -128 to +127, so when you set a value over that limit, this could cause an overflow if not handled.. So devices store that value in a way to bypass this.

So.. the negative value it's simply how the device store the sent value, as I understand. Probably would be better if zipato find a way to handle this in some way (an user that set an X value expect to read the same value from the device).

However, the doubt remains about the valve functioning.. I'm unable to understand if it really works as expected or not ... someone can help me to understand?


Hello, I am thinking of buying EUROTRONIC SPIRIT valve and use it with some external temperature sensor. Did you manage to make it? Thanks