Fakro ZWS 230

Anke Müller shared this thanks 8 months ago

Does anyone use the Fakro ZWS 230 chain drive for roof windows with the Zipabox? Officially, this is apparently not supported.

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Short answer - it should work to fully open/close if you let it operate as it should =)

I have the Fakro FTU-V U3 z-wave window. I believe it's powered by the other chain drive but I guess it's the same "z-wave unit" even tho the chain length differs.

Anyway I am able to control it. It shows up as an unknown device that I can flick "on/off". If I flick it in one direction it opens, and if I flick it in the other direction it closes again.

It is however confusing if you go "ON" to Open and whist the engine is opening you press "OFF", then it will stop the operation to open it and just halt in the current state. I think it will go in the other direction if flicking the switch again. In short, it can get confusing if operating remotley and not allowing the chain drive to fully open/close before issuing another operation. I have been thinking about adding a door sensor to it just to "know" if it's open or closed.

Another thing that I have been missing (might be possible if I configure it as another type of device rather than a binary on/off switch) is to set how much it should be opened, similar to dimming a light bulb to 40% etc.

I created a ticket with Zipato back in 2016 to see if support could be added. The answer was that it was just a matter of fine tuning the device descriptor but that it was not a priority at the time.

Buy one and help me get it fully supported =)