Feature-Request: Virtual Sunset/Sunrise-Device...

Oliver Lenz shared this thanks 37 days ago

Dear Zipato Team,

After the weather now works after a lot of "hustle and bustle", one should still think again how to calculate the sun rise / fall again locally on the device:

Because as soon as the Internet is "gone", and that longer than for a day or two, nothing works, which has something to do with rules or sunrise and sunset;

This may be an invitation to break in, especially on vacation.

Why? Outdoor floodlights that respond to movement at dusk would no longer work ...

Some time ago, I suggested that I could simply calculate the sunrise and sunset on the geocoordinates:

All that is needed is for the user to enter the city where he lives online - as at the weather station - and to transfer the latitude and longitude of the city into the Zipabox.

From this alone, the position of the sun can be calculated.

These are just a few lines.

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I use the lux meter of two detectors to determine day and night



I tried it allready with Neo CoolCam-Motion-Sensors with Luminace... but it's not working verry good...

Somtimes the Luminance-Function is not detected by ZIPATO, when it's detected or configured manually i have Problems with the Buildings within - because here are little Skyskraper around and when the sun goes around, i have often a day shaddow.

A big problem is that you can mask Luxmeter quite easily "outside" with phosphor ribbon, too.

This is a trick that is often used by thieves in our area when they spy on the apartments during the day and come back in the evening ...

In addition, it does not even need an expensive vulnerable sensor to turn the light on and off:

You can easily calculate the times for free and for everyone...

Why one can not make that available is and remains incomprehensible to me.