Fibaro Motion FGMS-001 (Z-Wave+) V3.2

Sergey shared this thanks 18 months ago

I connect my Fibaro Motion FGMS-001 (Z-Wave+) V3.2

with my Zipato. I can see all measures like temperature and luminance. I want to create a rule with the temperature or illumination. I can't see the measure temperature in the rule creator like you can see in this images.

It is defined as an unknown device (0.jpg).

Zipato does not support Z-Wave+ ? Zipato mention that this sensor is supported.

This topic has already been:

There is no answer for the ticket yet ...

So, what is the problem ?


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Many thanks to Zipato's support, they fixed everything!!!! This sensor works! The problem was in frequency RU. I like Zipato!


Frequency RU ?! can U explain what was the Zipato's answer ?




Me too I would like to know because when I add the Fibaro it is not seen as Fibaro Motion FGMS-001 but as binary. Altough I'm able to see all node and Temp, Lux are working.

But I dont have any configuration setting


Also I want to use the temp sensor in virtual thermostat but it is not in the list under thermometer.

See screenshot from the device.




Why the temp sensor called "Bedroom Djimo Temp" is not visible here?