Hard wire IP camera 100 meters issue

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i have a CAT5E cable i try to conect ip camera 100 meters distance but the data power is not enough, i add a modem/router and working, so its obviously a data power issue, is TL-POE200 will solve my problem? Any suggestions? ip camera: Oem 1280 x 720 pixels (Pan tilt), Connected directly to Laptop...

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If anyone ever reads this... Completely off topic as regards Zipato is concerned but the likelyhood is that the device you are using to power the camera is unable to provide enough amps to power the camera. It could be poor quality cable (CCA not solid core), it could be over 100 metres (100m cable is actually much longer in the cores) or a poor quality power supply. Whatever, I would have used cat6 at that distance. Also, could just be a crap camera.

That adapter you linked to is not PoE in any sense of the word, it simply injects whatever voltage your power supply gives out across the cable and it's highly ambitious to state it'll reach 100m, I tried using one of these and it didn't work reliably at 15m - there are too many variables to know what's wrong here.