HEM G1 not reporting value from Clamp #1

PeterB shared this problem 4 months ago

Hello Zipato Support Team,

My Home Energy Meter G1 from Aoetec is only reporting energy consumption from the main group rather than from the clamp #1 and the main.

From my understanding, the HEM G1 has two clamps. when paired to the zipato box, the device is displayed as three element has follows:

  1. Clamp 1 consumption.
  2. Clamp 2 consumption.
  3. Main consumption : which add up consumption from both clamps.

As you can see in my screenshot, no data is being retrieved from clamp1 which is at the moment the only clamp connected to the device. Maybe this issue is caused because the device has only one clamp connected at the moment. Can this be confirmed?

Best regards,