How to configure FTP for Camera IP?

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I bought a few months ago an IP camera that works well with my mobile (ismart view) locally or remotely, and my laptop (IP Camera).

I am now trying to make it work with my zipabox: it is recognized as "IP Camera Zipato xseries" see first file.

I checked the knowledge base "adding IP Camera" but the test to the zipato server (step 4-e) does not work. I have reported login / pass given by the zipabox in the utility of the camera to test the FTP server.

Can you help me?

What is the FTP port to specify?

What is the directory to indicate? / alarm or ./alarm or alarm?

Thank you

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At the camera level you have to configure:

ftp port: "21"

way: "alarm"

user given by zipabox

pass given by zipabox

the ftp test works fine now after opening the tcp port 80 at the windows firewall

It's cool we make the questions and answers oneself ... Thank you zipato!