How to get serial of device using API

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I'm facing a big problem, when re-pairing devices, zipato generates new uuid for device, so I lost history of that device.

EX: my device is a MultiQuad sensor, the first time when pairing, I got an uuid for that device is: uuid1. If I re-pair that device, I will get uuid2.

My question is:

1. Is there any way to get device serial number by using API?

2. Is there any way to know that uuid2 is pointing to same device of uuid1

Thank you

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1. Did you look at the api? What do you mean by serial number, do mean the uuid?

2. Why would a UUID2 point to UUID1? Did you do a re-pair as you mention, or a replace failed node?

A re pair, will delete the device from your system and all data from it, (basically a reset) then re add it to the Zipato system as a new device. A z-wave "replace node" (has to be replaced with a like for like device) will replace that device. I am not sure though if all previous data is lost or kept in this instance.


Thank you for your reply.

I did look at the api, no api return serial number or something to identify a physic device. Would you please tell me how to use "replace node"? In "User Guide", there is instruction for INCLUSION, EXCLUSION, RESET, ASSOCIATION only.

Thank you very much


i am not really sure what you mean by serial number? Do you mean UUID? If so, "get devices" and find the one you want, then you will have its UUID also.


Replace failed node is within the Zwave settings under the device itself. Go to its advanced configuration tab.




Thank you for your answer. I know UUID value, but it will be re-generated when re-pairing, so I lost the history. I will try the replace node function.