How to use virtual thermostat pro?

Olivier Legros shared this thanks 9 months ago


I have 7 virtual thermostat.

Some with 1 Valve Danfoss Popp, some with more valves (3 max).

I hame make the planning for each, and it works.

But I am unable to manualy set a value (permanent, temporary or for a fix time)

I see the option in the Android app, in my Zipatile and in the webapp, but it never send the value to my popp.

I try:

  • "maintenir pour" in the menu
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  • Put 60 minutes value
  • Change the temperature to 23°
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  • Wait 10 minutes (I now that my Popps refresh every 5 minutes
  • But the value on my Popp nevers change.

Whats wrong?

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Interesting. Try to unhide the radiator element of the valve. They in the device browser go to radiator section and there you should have a slider, that can be used to set heating setpoint. If you chage this, does iot not go through to the valve?


I think that my configuration is Ok.

But I don't find any slider



Try to enable the "Heating" element and see if in the browser you have a slider.

Anyway, the heating setpoing should go to the valve, so I dont understand why it does not. Did you try to leave the time windoe for getting the manually changed setpoint longer? For example, change the temperature and wait 30 minutes. Does it help?


I have do it:


But it change nothing:


And I have wait more than 30mn


Well, than something is not correct. You can try to remove and reinclude the device. Or you can even "replace a failend node" using the same device. This way you will not have to reconfigure everything again.

Go to the root level of the device (device manager) and click on settings, go to advanced and click option replace failed node. Once started, you simply will wake up your existing valve when asking to wake up new device.

Alternatively you can contact support.