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I'd like to save my zipabox configuration

Alfredo De Felice shared this idea 9 years ago
Under Consideration

Is it possible to save file with zipabox configuration ???

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I agree with that, a such feature seems essential.

For example, if I want to change zipabox after a crash if this feature does not exist, this means do all the associations again sometimes with equipments installed difficult to access and, in addition, I should rewrite all scenarios and rules.

A nightmare !!!!!!

I repeat such a feature is really essential, especially since other suppliers proposed it.

If a such case happens to me, as I have to rebuilt all my configuration, if this capability does not exist with Zipato, I will change of box.




Is there any solution? Because it´s a basic feature that a Device like Zipabox/Zipatile should have.

My Zipatile resets itself in an unregular fashion and starts the "first time" configuration dialog (Enter Phone Number, Location,...) and all my Rules ans Devices are gone.

Same with latest Beta build.

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