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IP cam vissible in UI but not in Android App

Patrick Piening shared this problem 5 years ago

IP cam vissible in UI but not in Android App.

Also had to input the ip manualy in the old UI.

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Yes there is too much time betwen adding webcam and it's appaer in android app . . .

What are you ip cam marque and model ?

Did you add cam with the new WEB UI with autodiscover or from the old one ?


I tried the new UI but could not find my ip cam.

Had to use the older UI to manual add the cam.

In the new UI the cam is visible and after installing vnc player I can see the streams.

I have the Szsinocam wifi cam. It's an Chinese brand but it works pretty good. Ow and cheap an waterproof. I'm gonna use it outside to monitor front door and cars.