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Looking for an inexpensive wifi surveillance camera. I have a Zmodo Mini WiFi, but I don't trust the meShare & Zmodo apps that work with it. I basically don't what one that depends on a 3rd party service that I need to log in to in order to view. I have a VPN tunnel on my router and would like to use that. Unfortunately, only one of the generic IOS apps support my current camera and only very basic support. (No HD, no sound). Basically I use it to check up on my dog when the am at work, and something that works with an app like IP Camera Lite. Not looking to pay a fortune, but t would like a 720p feed.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

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unfortunately, this has nothing to do with our product lineup, please use another forum in order to discuss products which aren't related to Zipato in any way.

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