Is using IP as a security camera the best option?

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I am looking to install a video camera to the front and back of my house for a bit of added security. I have a Linux server that runs 24/7, so my initial thought was to connect a couple of RPis (running motion) and record to the server. I was just wondering whether, in practice, this is the best route - does anyone have any firsthand experience, even?

There are lots of ready-made IP cameras on the market and I was just wondering whether these might be a better option (practically or cost-

wise). Is it even advisable to avoid using the server completely and just buy a separate kit with a DVR and cameras?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Datacenter Management Video

Thank you.

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unfortunately, this has nothing to do with our product lineup, please use another forum in order to discuss products which aren't related to Zipato in any way.

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