Motiondetects lights not working

Jeroen Leeflang shared this thanks 8 months ago

I have a Zipato motion detector in my bathroom.

When someone enters the bathroom the lights are set with a preconfigured intensity depending on the time of the day.

When there is no motion detected within 15minutes the lights should switch off.

This seems to work most of the time, but...

When someone enters the bathroom lets say 5 minutes after someone else left and manually switched off the lights, the automatic enable rule doesn't work?

What can this be?

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In your when statement you need to change the state to ANY not MOTION or NO MOTION.

Also, what is the blind time of this motion sensor (when not deteicting motion again)? Try to reduce this time. Usually battery operated sensors have 3-4 minutes.


The Motion sensor als reports Temperature and I figured the rule should only trigger when a change in motion is detected.

I changed this to ANY now and the "Send Motion off After" parameter is set to 1 minute.