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I attempt to use the new firmware 1.2.29

But, with this firmware the zipabox do not works correctly at all!

As my ticket [#YGL-623-31709] is not followed by your support, I create this new one.

When my box is with this firmware, here the behavior of the box:

Rules: they are globally executed with delay (15-20 min). Some modules works some other not. e.g. in the morning, ALL roller shutters must open at 7am. 3 shutters on 5 open at 7:20am.

Manual command: all commands are executed with 20 minutes latency.

HTTP Request: I'm using HTTP requests in rules and Virtual Devices to control my Yamaha Amplifier, it not works anymore with this firmware.

NETWORK HEAL : do not work!

I downgraded again to 1.1.38 and the box works correctly now.

So... I'm not confident on your serious. My ticket is from 10 june, after two month, no fix, no serious answers. I plan to change my box if there is no more serious at zipato. I read more elogistic comments from VERA or Eedomus users than Zipato users.


William Noël

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Perhaps your issue is isolated, my zipabox is running on 1.2.29 and I don't have the issues you are reporting. My schedulers are working fine and I use several HTTP request with my tiles and Phillips Hue and they all are also working. As far as I know network heal has been disabled and you should use ZWNTUT which is an improved version of network heal.


My issues are also isolated with the new fw I think, so a lot of us are isolated I presume :) Back to old fw.

Maybe some http request are too long (I don't think) and fail with the new fw or are only working with zipato virtual ....?

I just can say that it works with the previous version, so it can't be a failed URL request or a SSL certificate expired or non-verified or?


Hi, intern http request (on virtual device etc...)are working. Only outside http request I use are not working with the new fw, so I apologize.



I have exactly the same. I upgraded yesterday and when I run a scene now it's also activated some time later. Maybe it's hardware related? I am an early adapter and have one of the first devices. I really hope zipato will get it's platform stable but I am afraid other projects will wipe them out.


Hi Wiliam,

may i ask you for an example of your HTTP requests in rules and Virtual Devices to control your Yamaha Amplifier?


Hi Thomas,

here is the forum where I explain how to control Yamaha amplifier with Zipabox.


Currently I use Imperihome and virtual switch for:

  • ON/OFF
  • Volumes (65, 40 and 25db)
  • turn on radio (rule is quite usefull to select source, turn on zone 2, volume at 50db)



Hi GuidoS,

Yes it is related to old zipabox. It should be fixed with the firmware 1.2.37

Unfornately, it works for a while and 1 mounth after closing the support ticket, the behavior is back. Commands are not executed immediatly but with 3-5 min delay.

I repoen a support request today here. I'm waiting for zipato.

The situation is not bad because rules are executed, thermostats, rules, etc works and a delay is not perceptible. sometime the latency is correct (less than 1s) but too often latency is more than 2min on commands.

And If I reset the box, juster after all works correctly but the behavior back after a couple of hour.