New Zipato user, a lot of questions

Deivydas Jurčiukonis shared this idea 33 days ago
Under Consideration

I'm using Zipatile2 controller and a lot of Fibaro Dimmer 2 sensors.

What is my problem?

1. How can I edit first (by default room name) which is called Undefined (I can't delete it or rename it)

2. Is it possible to sort the rooms which you have create

3. I can't access Device manager at zipato app (in touchscreen). I receive a message that zipato has stopped and thats all

3. Can I use the simple lamps with fibaro dimmer light 2 sensor without dimmer function?

4. How to connect 3 or more cross switches (i got just fibaro dimmer2 sensors at the moment)

5. Is it possible to get zwave termostate which will be supplie energy via wire (not elements)

For this time thats all, thanks