no registered controler

Moratti shared this thanks 7 days ago


Every month, around, my Zipatile (latest version, latest firmware) is unresponsive.

On the screen itself, I can see the message : no registered controler

The only way to resolve is to reboot the system.... which is anoying when I'm not in front of the system, on another house.... nothing could be controled anymore until the reboot.

Just after the reboot, 1 min later, everything is ok..... for another month,.

That was not the case since i've got the zipatile, 2 years ago ? only around 4-5 monts..

Any ideas ?

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This happens sometimes when you change your account password, log out and log in again and see if it works for you.In case you continue the problem, open a ticket.


I never change the password since I've got the device... 2 years ago..

So the problem should be somewhere else...