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Philips Hue, update IP number.

nickyb2 shared this question 4 years ago
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My Philips Hue changed IP number. How do i update it's IP number in Zipabox because all my lights refuse to work. When i use the API to get the Philips Hue config, i can find the wrong IP number. But how do i alter it? Can i use the API to set the IP number to something else?

Thanks in advance.

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Perhaps you can change it in your router. The Hue uses DHCP and gets IP adress from the router. Perhaps you can give your HUE a fixed IP adress.


I've given my bridge a static IP, however that ipaddress is still in my DHCP range. I'd like to move it out of the DHCP range and in order to do that i will need to change my Bridge IP in the Zipabox.

Since an option exists in the API to get and set the config i am hoping i can change it's IP address, if not i will need to readd the bridge and all my lights and modify all my rules. I'd really like to avoid that.