Please, please please. Provide changelogs for betas!

Simone Biagini shared this question 12 months ago
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What's the difficult to provide us the changelogs?

Every software update in the world is published with a changelog, to let user to decide to update or not. Actually you provide changlogs for stable releases, but not for betas.

In that way the usefullness of a beta program is half-cutted: users don't know what's changed and don't know what to check or pay attention to.

Exaple.. actually I jumped from 1.3.13 to 1.3.29.. but I don't know what is changed, I dont know if fibaro binary bug is solved, nothing. I can only pray that all works..

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There is a Change log.

Zipatile update app providers a changelog, click the app in the update app and click changelog.


As Adrian already wrote, there is a changlog.. but it's for stable releases.

Actually a changelog for a beta fw is not provided.. so everytime you decide to betatesting a firmware is a jump in the dark: you don't what's changed from previous release, what's fixed and what's potentially destroyed.


No, the changelog hasn't been updated since V 1.3.9, January 2018, within the control center messages side and 1.2.29m on the Zipatile link side.


I agree with Simone and Adrian,

there MUST be an always uptodate changelog. I was requesting for this about 1 year ago but obviously Zipato doesn't understand this...