Possibility to access Zipatile camera trough third party software?

Daumantas Š shared this thanks 4 months ago

As trough the Zipato software it usually takes a lot of time to open Zipatile camera stream, I was wondering if it is possible to access Zipatile internal camera from a phone trough a third party IP camera software (like TinyCam)? Maybe someone has experience with similar accessibility?

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This is possible and I view my Zipatile camera through an IOS app called IPCamViewer. First of all you must find the IP of your internal camera. This will be the same as the IP of your Zipatile if you know it. If not you can do this through the API. Expand Cameras selection and find the UUID using the Get/cameras function. Use the Get/cameras/{UUID} function, set Full = True and Local = True and then "Try it out". You will see the IP of the camera in several places. Should look like rtmp://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/zipatile/1 or /zipatile/2 (for high quality and low quality streams. You can access the stream on TCP port 1935 through you favorite app that support RTMP streaming. Simply select a generic camera setting and plug in rtmp://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:1935/zipatile/1 or zipatile/2 depending upon what quality stream you want to view. (the xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is the IP of your zipatile). If you want to view this stream from outside your local network you must configure port forwarding on your router or firewall.