Proper set up of Heatit thermostat via Zipato - Electric heating system

Vlado .Horvat shared this question 2 months ago
Need Answer

Hi All,

can somebody help me to configure thermostat, since I'm not most skilled person in this area.

I have Heatit-Z-TRM2 thermostat which has floor and thermostat air sensor. As first thing I paired thermostat with zipato and created virtual thermostat.



Then I manually changed the mode of thermostat from A to AF, because I want to let the floor heat based on air, but not allow the temperature of the floor to get on higher value than 27 degrees(also configured manually inside the thermostat - FHI set to 27 degrees).

Can you help me configure following part of thermostat config?


Also attaching list of particular parameters:





Thanks in advance,