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Saving motion sensor configuration with wakeup interval problem

Bambam shared this problem 7 years ago

I tried to save adjusted Fibaro Motion Sensor settings, but the wakeup interval value is bugged. The value you need to enter is in minutes, but after saving it shows the value in seconds. Meaning saving another value will enter the seconds value in minutes, growing the number with each adjustment in other settings. Example: entering 10 minutes, save, viewing shows 600 seconds, changing another parameter, save, viewing shows 36000. So the value is multiplied by 60 each time.

In version 0.999.2

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When I try to change the Fibaro multi sensor's parameters, the wakeup interval automatically changes to 0 in "app2dashboard" (after next sync, it is impossible to do further changes; then the device never wakes up automatically).

But - it is possible to change the device's parameters successfully in "dashboard3".

So I have to use "dashboard3" for parameter settings, while I prefer "app2dashboard" for creation of rules etc.

(It seems like the problem has nothing to do with the device - it depends on the dashboard version. The bug is in the script behind the "app2dashboard".)

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