scenes with Virtual thermostats make me crasy

Olivier Legros shared this thanks 9 months ago

I have 10 Popp Valves in my house.

So I have put some virtual thermostats pro to program them.

It's works like it need.

I have make a scene to momentaty change the value of 2 virtuals thermostat.

It seems to be easy:


But when you use it, you have only 1 thermostat who go to the correct value (24°).

The second one go to 11° (I have no idea why 11°, I nevers use this value)


I try to explain this to the support, but they don't seems to understand my request.

Ok, my english is not good. But with these 2 pictures, I can imagine that it's not realy difficult to understand.

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I try to knock on every door. I asked a question to the support 11 days ago and I still have no answer. I see that you bought credits to use your pro thermostats. I'm trying to find out what the corresponding credits are for 15, 25 or 100 credits, for a subscription of different duration, but for how long? I can not find anyone who answers this question.

With a little luck this time .....

Have a good day


I have the same problem with two thermostats in the same room. If I want to change the progam or the mode via a scene or a rule, only the forst thermostat responds. The second one does not react to the scene or rule. Does anybody know if this is a know bug?