Secure FTP for WebCam

Vernon Miller shared this thanks 13 months ago

I see we can use to upload pictures from our webcam; however, this is unencrypted. Does Zipato provide a way to use SFTP or FTPS to encrypt our pictures as they are being uploaded? I do not want to have my camera send the images over the Internet unencrypted, but cannot find any documentation on whether Zipato supports encrypted FTP.

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Agree and due to GDPR new regulation this type of encryption is mandatory ... ( deadline 25/05/2018) and I suppose that Zipato have mostly finish the data processing evaluation and assessment (as a data processor or controller their need to change a lot of data flows to be align with this regulation ) @Zipato @Sebastian Popovic are you compliant with this new GDPR regulation ?


I hadn't thought about iOT and GDPR implications. Hopefully Zipato has addressed the concerns that the security researcher exposed back in February. Those would need to be fixed in order to be compliant with the regulation as well.