Sunrise / Sunset Zipabox 1

Ola Lundqvist shared this thanks 8 days ago

I'm sorry if I've missed some obvious information somewhere, but I can't find a way to get basic functionality such as sunrise/sunset to work anymore. I understand that something happend back in February, but what now? Is it still not working or am i missing something?

All I want to do is to turn on and off lamps based on sunset and sunrise. Must be one of the most basic functionalities for a homeautomation system. But this info is not even included in the knowledgebase or anywhere.

Any ideas?


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I would suggest you to create an IFTTT account and add weather underground or any other weather services. Make a trigger using sunrise/sunset and send an HTTP request to your zipabox (virtual meter), then you can use the value on virtual meter for triggering rules.

Find attached how it used to work on Zipato, but there has been issues since they changed the platform.