Unable to join Fibaro FGS-211 (switch) / FGD-211 (dimmer)

Bambam shared this question 9 years ago

My Fibaro switch and dimmer where part of another z-wave network so I guess that is why I'm unable to join them to the Zipabox. I tried the reset procedure, but somehow I can't figure out if I'm doing it correctly. I follow the procedure from the fibaro manual:

2. Resetting Double Relay SwitchDouble Relay Switch provides two methods for resetting.

Method I : Reset by removing Double Relay Switch from theexisting Z-Wave network. The device may be removed using thecontroller that has the ability to include/exclude devices from/toZ-Wave network (see the manual of controller).

Method II : Within 5 sec. after connecting mains voltage supplyDouble Relay Switch allows the user to reset settings by singlepressing S1 key and then holding key S2

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Solved my own problem, but am interested in other ways.

After trying multiple times to reset the modules, I found my old Aeon Labs z-stick and it sure makes removing devices a breeze. I used the following procedure from the manual and afterwards paired both modules to the Zipabox. Inclusion was almost instant! Yeah!Z-Stick procedure:

  1. To initiate Removal-Mode, unplug the Z-Stick from the USB connector. Then press and hold down the button for approximately 3 seconds.(The LED will transition from blinking slowly to blinking fast.)Note: While in Removal-Mode, the Z-Stick is in perpetual removal/exclusion where it will remove Z-Wave devices from the networks they are currently paired to. There is no need to press the button on the Z-Stick again to exclude each device.
  2. To remove a Z-Wave device from the network,simply go to the device with the Z-Stick and press the button on the device you wish to remove (red. I pressed the B-button on the fibaro 3 times fast). (The LED on the Z-Stick will immediately stay solid for 3 seconds to indicate successful removal from the network.)
  3. The LED will then return to blinking fast,indicating readiness for further device exclusions. Repeat step 2 for each device as you wish to exclude.
  4. Tap the Z-Stick button to turn off.


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