V3 Light for zipabox 1 users. Could it be a possibility?

Simone Biagini shared this idea 49 days ago
Under Consideration

What about a "V3 light" new firmware?

Could be a great option for all existing customers that don't want/need new hardware.

Essentially a v3 that replicate all the latest v2 features/active packages in the new system.. or at least let the user decide which features to give up (for example give up the cameras)


  • all users could have an updated system, without "discrimination"
  • platform abandonments reduced to a minimum
  • you have only one system to handle, that probably free resources on the cloud.
  • users could choice to stay with a light system as is, or upgrade hardware and get an upgraded environment (and if the system will be good could be an incentive to switch to a new hardware..).
  • happy customers


  • no new incomes from new hardware and probably new packages
  • hardware pushed to the limit.

The alternative will be to lose some customers, have lot of customers on the old platform that anyway need a basic manteinance, and only few probably will accept to buy new hardware.

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any thought about from zipato?


15 days since my post, no comments from zipato.

Simply auto-tagged as "under consideration" and that's it. :-/